Q. What does Cold Pressed mean?

This means the premium fruit and veg we use goes through a special cold press juicer which slowly squashes and munches up the produce, using no heat or blades, then separates the water and nutrients from the fibre (aka pulp). Most other commercially made juice is inferior because it lacks the density of nutrients, living enzymes, flavour and over all health benefits that cold pressed offers. Our juices are easy to digest, offering a direct injection of nutrients making them the perfect pick-me-up!

Q. Are your cleanses approved by a nutritionist?

Yes, the orginial cleanses have been created from a nutritionist. health.

All our cleanses ensure you receive an abundance of nutrients and meet a safe kilojoule intake, daily.

Q. What sets your cleanses apart?

Most other juice cleanses are all about removing toxins from the body. This is vital to restore health, but a good cleanse goes beyond that. Depending on which cleanse you choose, we focus on removing toxins, restoring the gut balance and boosting cellular regeneration. All these changes aid detoxification, improve digestion, boost mood, enhance the immune system and increase the metabolic function of your cells.

We know that improving all these health areas will have you feeling your best.

Q. Will I get hungry?

Yes, you will probably feel hungry at times. This is completely normal. Your body is used to eating solid food.

Rest assured, all our cleanses are configured to provide a safe number of kilojoules and nutrients each day. So, yes, you might feel a bit hungry sometimes but you won’t be starving.

Q. Will I lose weight?

You may lose some weight. The majority will be stagnant fluid, toxins and built up gunk from your digestive track (gross!) that you’ve been carrying around. Our cleanses are not a weight loss program! We’re about making you feel great on the inside and helping your body function better.You may lose some weight.

Q. Why should I cleanse?

Our bodies are miraculous when you think about it: they heal themselves, remove their own waste, they’re forever growing - and the female ver- sion can even grow another human! However, as we age, everything slows down. As we said, our bodies accumulate all sorts of yucky stuff over the years, making it harder to heal and renew cells.

A cleanse helps reboot the body. Digesting food takes up a lot of the body’s energy. When it doesn’t have to worry about that, it can focus on other things like healing, repairing and rebuilding.

Q. Who shouldn’t do a cleanse?

While cleansing is safe for most people, we advise not to cleanse if you are:
• pregnant or breastfeeding.
• under 18 years old
• have diabetes
• have cancer
• have a significant degenerative condition such as kidney, liver or heart disease
• have MS, HIV or other serious ongoing health conditions eg: epilepsy, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s. If unsure, please consult your health practitioner first.

Q. What about all that sugar?

On first inspection it may seem like there is a lot of fruit and therefor sugar in the juices but each fruit or veg serves a very important purpose. All fruits and vegetables offer a myriad of vital nutrients and enzymes which is the most important factor in the cleanses.

All the cleanses are designed to meet specific caloric requirements and without fruit you'd need to drink an impossible amount of juice plus you'd be missing out on so many amazing nutrients that only fruit has to offer. The sugars in both fruits and veg are easily absorbed and used by the body and as you'll see we also take fats and protein into consideration so the cleanses cover all your macro nutrients. We also make sure you're having your juices quite regularly to avoid major drops in blood sugar levels.

Q What’s the difference between juicing and blending?

One isn’t necessarily better than the other. It all depends on your health goals. The main difference is fibre. With juicing, all the fibre is removed and you’re left with the liquid and nutrients.

Juices are really easy to digest and easily absorbed so those nutrients can take affect right away. Juices are great for people with chronic illness, digestive problems or anyone who wants a direct nutrient boost.

Blending leaves the fibre in with the nutrients. Smoothies fill you up more and sustain energy for longer. They are easier to digest than wholefoods but take a little more effort than juices. Smoothies are great for adding nutrients like super foods ... and things you want to hide from fussy kids or partners!

Q. Why is cold-pressed juicing better than centrifugal?

Put simply, our cold-pressed (crushed) juice keeps more nutrients in. The juice is darker and has hardly any froth or pulp. Centrifugal juicers are faster but generate heat, which can destroy nutrients. And they struggle with leafy greens.

Cold-pressed juicers cost more, take longer and require more chopping. But the great news for you, dear Cleanser, is that you’re leaving that part to us!

Before you start...

Before you jump into any 4 Seasons Juice cleanse, we suggest you make a few small changes to your diet and lifestyle. It’s not compulsory - but we think you’ll enjoy your cleanse a lot more if you do. Why? Because reducing the burden some foods and activities place on your body will help you absorb more nutrients and im- prove results.

At least three days before starting your cleanse, we recommend you gradually cut out:
• Highly processed food - white flour, refined sugar, pastas, cereals, muesli bars, crackers, pastries
• Confectionery - lollies, chocolate, custard, ice cream, sweet biscuits, pasteurised yoghurt
• Fast foods
• All preservatives, additives, artificial colourings and sweeteners
• Spreads - jams, Nutella, Vegemite, nut butters with added oils and sugar, honey (other than raw)
• All drinks except water: alcohol, soft drinks, prepackaged pasteurised juices, flavoured milks, caffeinated drinks

The last meal before your cleanse should be light and easy to digest – more veg than meat, which takes longer to digest. Fish is a good alternative. If you can, start your cleanse on a day-off. Ideally, a few days off for a longer cleanse. Support from those you live with is a huge help – read this with them and they might want to do it too! Lastly, get a minimum eight hours sleep (10 hours is best) before you start. You don’t want to wake up feeling tired before a cleanse.

What to expect...

Everyone’s cleanse experience is different, depending on your state of mind and body:

• You will probably feel hungry at times. This is normal! Rest assured that each cleanse is designed to fulfill your daily energy and nutritional needs.
• You might feel emotional. This is normal too. Take a walk, breathe deeply and let it all out!
• You might feel tired. Yep, also normal. You’re taking in fewer kilojoules and your body is adapting to make you healthier. Rest up, take a nap.
• You might get a headache. This can be a side-effect of the body flushing out toxins. Drink extra water, get some fresh air, have a nap.

While you're doing your juice cleanse...

• Start your cleanse in a tidy house. Have all your ‘chores’ done so you can relax while you cleanse.
• Try some other cleansing and relaxing activities while you’re on the program eg. massage, ocean swimming, meditation, colonic hydrotherapy, a saltroom visit, afternoon naps, reading, a gentle 20-minute walk.
• DON’T do any serious exercise.
• NO gym, vigorous walks, running, lap swimming, team sports.
• DON’T go to parties and events.
• DON’T do the grocery shopping.
• DON’T flick through recipe books or foodie magazines

Once you finish

Don’t go crazy and eat a huge meal! Ease back into food with some whole fruit, cooked veg, soups, smoothies, slow cooked meats, salads etc. Continue eating ‘clean’ and avoiding the unhealthy foods you used to eat. Easy back into your regular exercise routine and continue to drink cold pressed juice daily.


While juice fasting is not a new concept and has been used successfully for centuries, 4 Seasons Juice does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease. We neither guarantee nor seek to promote weight-loss benefits. Our cleansing goal is to intro- duce a holistic change in diet and lifestyle for a happier, healthier body.

Individuals with serious illness should seek advice and recommendations from a healthcare professional before undergoing a cleanse or using our products. The effects of prescription medications may change during or after cleansing.

During a cleanse you will probably feel great, but some experience lows, both physically and mentally. If you become unusually overwhelmed - physically or emotionally - seek the aid of your healthcare professional immediately. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not attempt a cleanse.


At 4 Seasons we’re extremely careful with the handling of our products, other ingredients and machines. However, cross-contami- nation with certain allergens can happen. 4 Seasons blenders do come into contact with nuts, seeds, dairy and soy products. In our kitchen we do make delicious food that may contain nut, seed, gluten, soy and dairy products.


All 4 Seasons beverages purchased in store, delivered, and in external retail locations remain unpasteurized and carry a short use-by date to preserve all their goodness. Although our hygiene standards are best-practice, any unpasteurized product - whether bought or from your own home - may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.


Please note that substitute ingredients are occasionally necessary due to seasonal produce availability. We will make every attempt to match similar health benefits.

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