The Juice Box


The Juice Box


Forget the flowers and chocolates, now you can give your special someone the delicious gift of cold pressed juice! Our juices make the perfect nutritious gift for an ill loved one, a new mum, a run down friend or your besties birthday! Plus we offer FREE DELIVERY to both Ballarat Base hospital and St John of God. 

What you get:

2x Seasonal Green Juices 

2x Seasonal Red Juices

2x Seasonal Yellow Juices

All our juices are cold pressed. This means the premium fruit and veg we use goes through a special cold press juicer which slowly squashes and munches up the produce, using no heat or blades, then separates the water and nutrients from the fibre (aka pulp). Most other commercially made juice is inferior because it lacks the density of nutrients, living enzymes, flavour and over all health benefits that cold press offers. Our juices are easy to digest, offering a direct injection of nutrients making them the perfect pick-me-up!

We make fresh juice on Monday for next day delivery,. 

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